Can You Install a Rain Gutter by Yourself

Can You Install a Rain Gutter by Yourself

Rain gutter installation is usually done by a professional as it involves height. In addition, depending on the slope and shape of the roof, installing rain gutters can become quite challenging and dangerous. If you are an avid DIY person, however, you can choose to install rain gutters yourself. Here is our list of tips to help you in the process.

Start by snapping layout lines. To do so, mark the highest and lowest point of the fascia. While you do this process, make sure to mark the slope half an inch for every 10 feet or fascia run.

Next, attach the brackets to the fascia in the rafter tails located at its back. Fasten the brackets with stainless steel lag screws of about ¼-inch each.

Once this process is complete, measure the gutter and cut it with a saw at the length you need for your roof. Make sure to cut the corners appropriately if you are going to turn the gutter around a corner. That would be a 45-degree cut. Also, keep in mind that the screws should be placed on the sides of the gutter and not the bottom.

After placing the gutter at the edge of the roof, make sure to attach the end caps on both sides. Place the end cap on the gutter. Attach it temporarily with a screw. Drill a hole in and install one pop rivet. Once the rivet is in place, replace the temporary screw with another rivet. Seal all rivets with silicone to ensure that no water drips from them.

Now it is time to cut the downspout holes. Find the low end of the gutter and place a downspout outlet. Trace the shape of the outlet on the gutter and drill a hole in it. Continue cutting the hole to shape with a hole saw or a hammer and cold chisel.

Place the gutter on the brackets installed in the fascia. Move the gutter in place until it slips onto the hooks then drill a 3/16-inch-diameter hole in the front side of the gutter. Install the gutter in the bracket with a stainless steel machine screw and place a flanger nut on top.

Paint aluminum gutters and brackets so that they can match the exterior of your home. Choose a dark color if you have a dark roof or go with white if you have a white facade.

Lastly, connect the downspout to the gutter, and you are done. If you need further assistance, call our professional team at RH Renovation NYC for more information.

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