Which is the Best Material for Roof Waterproofing

Which is the Best Material for Roof Waterproofing

The roof is the top layer of your home and offers the first barrier of protection against rain and snow. As such, they need to be properly sealed in order not to allow for possible leakage that can damage the structure of your home and even reach your foundations. Roof waterproofing provides that sealant. So, which is the best material for roof waterproofing that you should opt for?

The waterproof material you use for your roof will also impact the structure of your roof. In general, bitumen-based liquids and asphalts are great water insulators for your roof. In addition, roof tiles, shingles, metals such as copper or zinc, and other roofing choices can provide a waterproof layer for your structure too.

Waterproof membranes however are the best materials for roof insulation. These membranes are made of bitumen-based liquids and offer a great balance between price and performance. These types of membranes come in both liquid and roller forms.

You can apply the bitumen-based roller on the roof with a welding torch, a method that offers great adherence to the surface. In addition, these membranes come in different thicknesses too so you can choose the one that works better for the structure of your roof and your roofing material.

The liquid form on the other hand is applied as a primer on the surface of the roof. It is as thin as a layer of paint.

Other elements which ensure total insulation of the roof and prevent leakage are chamfer tapes for the corners, coating for the top layer, and proper drainage systems including gutters and gutter guards.

The installation of the roof membrane should be done by professionals in order to be totally effective.

For more information on roof waterproof membranes or inspection on your existing waterproof membrane contact us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team of technicians can come to your property and do a thorough assessment of your roof if you are concerned or have noticed signs of leakage.

Our company is composed of experienced contractors that can provide timely service on-site and also a free cost estimate before the start of the project. Our team of designers can also advise on the best look for your roof so that your home can feel new and refreshing. We strongly advise a roof makeover especially if you are looking to put your home on the market. It will set it apart and offer a big incentive for potential buyers.

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