Skylights for Pitched Roof Ideas

Skylights for Pitched Roof Ideas

Skylights for pitched roofs are a great way to add sunlight and more ambiance to a room without having to change the design of the facade. In addition, these attractive features also provide another way to ventilate the space.

There are many ways and many skylight designs you can add to a pitched roof.

You can have a skylight on a pitched roof even if you have a horizontal ceiling. All you have to do is create a light well. Also, it is best to have the room in white to make the skylight more prominent and look bigger.

The same goes if you have vaulted ceilings. While it is a little more complicated to create a light well if you have a skylight in a vaulted ceiling, the final result is definitely instagramable.

If you have a 15-degree slope on your roof you can use a CurveTech fixed flat roof skylight. These skylights are great at draining rainwater even at a low slope.

A completely flat skylight is better for a 60-degree roof slope. These roofs are very efficient in rainstorms and snow. This is why a flat skylight also works great in this condition as the surface of the glass allows for rainwater to just roll off to the bottom of the skylight, onto the roofing, and finally to the gutters.

In most cases, the skylight is placed with the long edge following the slope but if you need more light in your room you can even choose a horizontal skylight where the long edge is perpendicular to the slope. Another way to achieve more light is to add a couple of skylights together.

Another type of skylight you can use in a pitched roof is a curved one where light enters the inside of the room in a particular and fascinating way. These skylights look like portholes on a ship and are quite appealing.

Lastly, you can choose small Sun Tunnels to mimic the look of a full-size skylight and provide the same atmosphere in a tight space.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on how to install or replace a skylight. Our team has years of experience with these types of projects and can complete the task in no time, with very little disruption to your daily life. In addition, our portfolio of projects helps us provide the best advice when it comes to designs and shapes too!

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