How Long do Dome Skylight Last

How Long do Dome Skylight Last

A dome skylight is a special type of skylight made of acrylic with the shape of a dome. It allows sunlight to enter your home in a warm and charming way that transforms your interior into a small sunroom. When compared to other skylights, the dome skylight offers a major advantage all thanks to its shape.

The curved surface of the skylight in the shape of a dome allows for rainwater to fall at its sides and as such, requires a thinner material compared to flat skylights. This means it is cost-effective and lightweight. In addition, the shape of the dome is great for flat roofs. It adds a nice feature to the space that is modern and timeless.

So how long do dome skylights last?

As with other skylights, these ones also have a limited lifespan. A dome skylight can last from 5 to 10 years or in very rare cases, over a decade. Their lifespan depends greatly on the quality of the material as well as the area where the property is located. As skylights are positioned on the roof of a building, they become one of the first layers of a home that is hit during rains or storms. So, a property in a dry area of the country will have a more long-lasting skylight than one located in a tropical area where chances of damages and leaks are more relevant.

If you want to install a dome skylight on the flat roof of your home, make sure to pick a high-quality acrylic so that it doesn’t fade or crack sooner than expected. Also, make sure to get the right contractors for the job because installing a skylight wrong can harm the structure of your property and cause major water damages that can even reach the foundations.

At RH Renovation NYC we have years of experience in installing skylights, repairing them, or replacing them with new ones, in the Bronx or Westchester County. Our team is also quite knowledgeable on roof structures and roof installation, information that is very helpful when dealing with skylights.

If your property is located close to New York or in areas where we operate, we can come on-site for an assessment and suggest the best dome skylight for your property. Our choosing criteria are based on the climate of the area and the design of your flat roof so that the dome skylight can become a beautiful feature of the decor of your flat roof. Let’s get started then!

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