Do You Need Flashing with Gutters: Why

Do You Need Flashing with Gutters: Why

Gutter flashings are elements installed on the outmost outer surface of the roofline. They go right beneath the gutter itself and help make your roofing system more durable. Their primary role is to protect the roof by identifying issues in time so that you can act on them before the damage is beyond repair. Their overall job is to help you reduce repair costs and maintenance.

Gutter flashings are made of plastic or aluminum. You absolutely need these elements to go in your roof because they prevent water from going behind the gutter and entering the various layers of your roofing system, and ultimately reaching the interior of your home.

It is used as a sealant between the gutter and the roofline thus allowing water to drip off of it instead of entering the roof structure. In addition, it keeps the facade clean because it prevents water accumulation and dripping behind the gutter.

Gutter flashing is extremely important in areas that experience a lot of rain and storms or even snow. It allows both the gutters and the roofing system to work well and be efficient. It does, however, require regular maintenance to do its job properly, but this maintenance will still cost less than roofing repairs in properties without gutter flashing.

Last but not least, gutter flashings are elements that go on pitched roofs, and the smaller the pitch the more important it is as water tends to accumulate more in lower pitches.

If you are interested in installing gutter flashing on your roof, you can do that as a DIY project or call your local contractor. Installing gutter flashing does require some skill not only because you need to work on a ladder or the surface of your roof, but also because you need to know where to drill the aluminum or plastic piece in place without causing problems to the roofline.

Therefore, if you are not too familiar with DIY work, contact your local contractors. This is a small job that most contractors are well equipped to do.

Call us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on gutter flashing installation in Westchester, the Bronx, and other adjacent areas. Our team has years of experience working with roof elements and can install your gutter flashing in no time. We can also provide you with a cost estimate for free and allow you to accommodate your budget accordingly to your home renovation projects.

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