How To Fix Crumbling Bricks on a Chimney

How To Fix Crumbling Bricks on a Chimney

Are you looking for tips on how to fix chimney bricks? Here are some steps that you can do yourself if you notice crumbling chimney bricks on your rooftop.

First of all, check whether the crack is in the brick, mortar, crown, or cap. Once you have identified the spot you need to work on, pick the right time for the job. Choose a nice sunny day, that is not too hot, but not windy or rainy either, because you will be working on the roof. Also, check whether you need a permit to do the repair required or not. If you need a permit, apply through your local office with all the necessary documents, and also expect the work to be inspected once it is done.

Next, get the right gear for the job. These will change depending on what type of repair you need to do so if you are unsure of what you need ask at the store or call your local contractor for advice.

Before getting on the roof, make sure the surface is dry and get the necessary safety gear to hold you in place while working.

Some crumbling chimney bricks can be fixed by repointing the brick mortar. Another repair job you might need to do is patch cracks in the large crown area or caulk around this area and the flute. You might also need to use sealant around the hairline cracks to patch them.

Lastly, repair or replace cracked bricks. You can use a caulk gun or high heat mortar to repair small cracks in bricks. If the crack is too big, however, you need to replace the entire brick. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the damaged brick slowly and carefully so that you do not damage the adjacent ones. Place mortar on four sides of the new brick and slide it slowly in place instead of the old one.

Chimney cracks can become large really quick and turn from small and unnoticeable damages to big and costly issues or even dangerous ones that can cause fires. In addition, they can become sources of leaks and damage your interior walls or even allow water to penetrate the structure of your property. Therefore, do not neglect your crumbling chimney bricks. Call us at RH Renovation NYC as soon as you realize that you cannot fix the damage yourself.

Our local team can come on-site, access the damage, and advise you on the right course of action to fix your chimney brick.

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