How to Choose your Roofing Contractor

How to Choose your Roofing Contractor

Choosing your roofing contractor can be hard seeing how many options there are out there. So here is our guide to making this task a little bit easier.

  1. Choose a roofing contractor that is local. A local contractor can come to your property and give you advice by carefully inspecting the roof in person, therefore saving you time and money. By coming on-site, they can easily tell you whether your roof needs repairs or a full replacement. They also can predict how long the job is going to take knowing the slope of the roof and the location of the property. Most importantly, a local contractor is going to take less time to complete the task than someone who has to travel more to reach the property.
  2. Check their portfolio. Repairing or replacing a roof is harder than installing a deck because the contractor needs to work with heights and slopes. As a result, you need an experienced contractor to do a good job and not waste your time with trial and error. Therefore, check to see if the contractor has experience in roofing projects and whether they have worked with a roof like yours before. Read the reviews to see what previous clients think about the quality of their work before you decide to hire anyone yourself.
  3. Talk to them before the start of the project. Ask about advice on roofing materials, how long the job may take, details about the structure, as well as the cost. Make sure to cover these points before you sign a contract with a roofing contractor so you know what to expect. If the answers the contractor provides are satisfactory, then get your project started. If you feel the contractor is being dismissive or elusive, move on to the next company. Transparency matters and you need to know what will happen to your property every step of the way.
  4. Choose a roofing contractor that has a diverse staff of technicians and designers to get the very best results for your home.
  5. Last but not least, find a contractor that has roofing experience but can also deal with other issues such as skylight installation or gutter removal and more related roof features. It is easier if you appoint the same contractor to work on everything that goes in a roof rather than deal with several companies for the installation of each element.

For more information on choosing a roofing contractor, call us at RH Renovation NYC, and let’s have a chat about your project.

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