Lifespan of Concrete vs Pavers: Which Lasts Longer

Lifespan of Concrete vs Pavers: Which Lasts Longer

Are you looking to renovate your outdoor spaces and add a nice patio or pathway around your home? If so, what are you going for, concrete or pavers?

This is one of the most common discussions amongst homeowners. The decision usually comes down to the lifespan of concrete versus pavers, as everyone wants a material that is going to last and will not deteriorate over time.

Pavers are considered to be more durable than concrete as a material. They not only last longer but also offer a richer design feature while remaining low maintenance. In addition, if a paver gets chipped or broken, it is easy to replace just the one single piece, unlike concrete. If a concrete slab gets damaged, you need to pour over a new layer. This new layer needs to go over the entire slab to remain seamless, otherwise, the repair will be quite visible and disruptive to the eye.

In terms of lifespan, concrete is thought to last about 25 years when maintained well, while pavers can even last twice as much. Most pavers are predicted to last between 25 and 50 years.

In many cases, concrete pavements or patios will crack over time because of the expansion due to heat or other extreme weather conditions. Concrete is also easier to stain and can become quite hard to keep clean and pristine if it experiences a lot of foot traffic.

So, if you are looking to install a patio in your garden, our suggestion is to choose pavers instead of a polished layer of concrete.

For more information on the lifespans of concrete and pavers, feel free to contact us at RH Renovation NYC. We are a home renovation company with a large portfolio of projects in exterior renovations and installations. Our team has worked with both concrete and paver patio designs and can advise on the best choice for your specific home, taking into account the location of the property, the area of the patio to be created, the style as well as the maintenance level needed throughout the year. In addition, our company is composed not only of technicians and contractors that can help you build the patio but also designers that can advise what the best material is to make your outdoor space look better and more impactful. Call us today to get a free estimate on your home renovation project and let’s start building!

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