Patio or Decking: Which to Choose for Your Home

Patio or Decking: Which to Choose for Your Home

Renovating your home’s exterior spaces is just as exciting as doing a new kitchen or a new bathroom. In addition, it is also a good way to increase the value of your home while adding a nice feature such as a patio or decking.

How can you decide, however, whether a patio is the way to go, or a decking is more appropriate for your property? Let’s first start by defining the difference between a patio and a deck.

Both a patio and a deck are external features of a home that allow you to spend time outdoors while still being very close to your house and all its amenities. A deck is usually a platform attached to the house. It is typically made of wood and is raised from the ground. As such, it also has a handrail or fence for extra security.

A patio on the other hand is a paved area attached or detached from the house. It can be covered or not, and located in any space across your yard.

Patios are usually cheaper to install than a deck, as all you would have to do is level the ground and pave it. You can use concrete or tiles to create an extra layer of detail that will add charm to your outdoor spaces.

A decking on the other hand requires a little bit more work as it also needs a structure in wood as well as insulation and overall continuous maintenance.

When deciding whether you should go for a deck or a patio in your home, keep in mind not only the cost of installation but also resale value of the house. Typically, a deck will add more value to your home than a patio. That is of course if the deck has been built with quality materials and the property is located in an area where you can spend plenty of time outdoors.

Another thing to consider before building a deck or a patio is safety. If you have small kids playing in the yard, a patio is probably a safer option for you than a raised deck.

Lastly, have a look at the ground where you wish to create your outdoor living room. If it is levelled properly, you can easily put a patio in it. If the ground is sloppy or bumpy, a deck might be easier to install, and make more of an impact.

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