Which are the Most Lasting Colored Shingles

Which are the Most Lasting Colored Shingles

You have probably noticed that shingle roofs come in a variety of colors, from really light ones to dark hues that give your home a really cutting-edge look. In most cases, light-colored shingles last longer than dark ones, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Choosing the color of the shingles, however, is rarely based on their durability feature. Most people, including homeowners and architects, will choose the color of the shingles looking at the style and appearance of the home. So, they end up picking the one that looks better and makes more of a visual impact, without worrying too much about how long the shingles will last.

The truth is that the changes between light-colored and dark-colored shingles are minimal. Generally speaking, however, light colored shingles are better. Apart from lasting longer than the alternative, these shingles also reflect sunlight and allow your home to remain cooler during the summer. As a result, light-colored shingles are more appropriate in warm locations, while dark-colored ones can help your energy bills in the winter in cold locations.

When you look at the specifics, however, it is hard to tell if light colored shingles actually last longer than dark-colored ones, as color is not a decisive feature that affects durability. You would need to check the entire specification schedule to know which type of shingle is more durable and how well it can perform in the location where your house is situated.

As a result, it is the quality of the material and the manufacturer that actually dictates which shingle lasts longer, rather than the colors. Another thing to look at when choosing shingles is their energy efficiency, so the U values and R values, to know how easily heat escapes from this material and figure out how much it will impact your energy bills. Most importantly, however, you need to check the maintenance suggestions and go for a shingle that requires little maintenance to remain efficient and attractive for a long period of time.

Once you check all these details, then the decision to go for a light-colored shingle or a dark-colored one only comes down to aesthetics. Does a beige shingle make your roof blend in with the facade or will a black shingle have more of an impact with your contemporary elevation?

If you are looking to install a shingle roof in New York, our team at RH Renovation NYC can help you pick the right shingle for you, come on-site and decide on the right course of action, as well as walk you through the installation process and provide you with a cost estimate for free before the start of the project.

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