How Long do PVC Gutters Last

How Long do PVC Gutters Last

PVC gutters are very popular compared to steel or aluminum ones. These gutters are not only lightweight but also cheaper than the alternatives. In addition, PVC gutters are very easy to install and can also be easy to maintain, repair, or replace.

But how long do PVC gutters last? PVC is a durable material. As such, PVC gutters can last a very long time, even for decades. You can have PVC gutters for 20 or 30 years without an upgrade. Their longevity however is also based on how well you maintain them or how quickly you repair any issues.

In addition, their durability is also dependent on the weather conditions of the area where the property is located. Usually, houses in wet areas with a lot of storms will experience more issues not only in gutters but also in other elements of the exterior of the house. The same goes for properties located in very hot or extremely cold climates.

PVC can be impacted a lot by the sun and its ultraviolet rays. As a result, PVC gutters can break very easily if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours and something falls on them.

You can extend the lifespan of PVC gutters by conducting the right maintenance. Make sure to clean the gutters properly and regularly. Try to leave the surface of the gutter unblocked so they can always serve their purpose. Make sure there are no lost clips, and all the joints are in place. Also, check the downspouts and make sure they are not blocked either, so the gutters do not overflow.

In most cases, gutter issues are not visual, so you need to check them with a professional contractor. Contact your local contractor to schedule annual checks for your gutters. It is important not to neglect these checks as broken gutters can create issues with the structure of the roof as well as the exterior walls. Broken gutters can cause leaks in the facade and stain them more often, thus resulting in extra maintenance costs.

Call us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on gutter inspection and installation. Our team can suggest the right material for gutters for your property whether that is PVC, steel, aluminum, or something else. Our professional contractors can come on-site and assess the property and also provide a cost estimate for free before the start of the project.

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