Is it OK to Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles

Is it OK to Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular every day thanks to their minimal and clean design. As a result, putting metal roofs over shingles is a practice that has also seen a rise in popularity.

Installing a metal roof over shingles is not only acceptable but also quite easy. This process is fast and clean because it does not require removing the existing roofing, which can be time-consuming, cost more money and cause possible issues with the structure.

In addition, metal roofs are lightweight, strong, and durable. Therefore, placing a metal roof over shingles will not increase the weight of the roof and can be done without having to reinforce the structure of the roof in any way.

Most importantly, two layers of roofing mean that you get double the insulation for your home both from temperature as well as rain. The two layers of metal and shingles create a double shield against leaks and reduce the chances of moisture penetrating your attic considerably.

Metal roofs are also heat resistant thanks to their reflective properties.

Before installing a metal roof over shingles, however, make sure to check with your local office and building codes if that is acceptable and doable.

Next, you need to inspect your shingle roof in detail before installing a new layer over it. Check that there are no issues with the structure and the surface of the roof. Make sure there are no leaks, and the insulation is not broken at any point. Get the help of a professional contractor to make sure the existing roof structure is intact so that no problems arise later after the metal roof has been installed.

If there are in fact issues with the shingle roof you need to fix these before installing the metal layer.

Once the shingle roof is ready, add a layer of insulation to protect metal roofing from touching shingles. This will prevent corrosion.

All in all, installing a metal roof over shingles is easy, durable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.

Installing a metal roof over shingles, however, is not a DIY job if you are not familiar with construction work. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to get more information on this process and a free estimate for your specific property. We have been dealing with roof installation and home renovation projects for years and we have a selected staff and high-end equipment that make us the best in the market.

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