Find Out How Often Should you Sweep your Chimney

Find Out How Often Should you Sweep your Chimney

A chimney sweep is an important maintenance task that should be performed on a regular basis by anyone who has a fireplace. This should be a crucial part of your maintenance to-do list because a blocked chimney does not only smell bad, but can also be very dangerous. Blocked chimneys can increase the risk of fire hazards and also smoke inhalation, which can both be deadly to a person. 

Just how often you need to sweep a chimney however cannot be determined easily. It depends on how frequently you use your fireplace and also how big the fireplace is. As a general rule, the National Fire Protection Association says that chimneys, as well as vents and fireplaces, should be inspected at least once a year. The inspection should determine whether the chimney is clear of deposits and safe for usage. 

The yearly chimney sweep and inspection is a precaution and should be done even if you do not use the chimney very often, or not at all. The reason for this is that chimneys can be blocked because of animals laying nests or debris falling into the chimney, even if you do not use the fireplace. 

If on the other hand, you use the fireplace often, make sure to sweep whenever you notice smoke entering the home or any buildup occurring inside the chimney. This will not only prevent any possible fires, but will also preserve the quality of your chimney and home. A blocked chimney can cause too much smoke that will ruin your interior paint and even your furniture, even if it is not too dangerous to breathe in. ​

It is also advised to conduct a chimney sweep before the summer to prevent any foul odor coming from the fireplace. Most chimneys get creosote deposits within their interior walls due to wood burning in the winter. These deposits can create a very strong smell that is quite noticeable in the summer. 

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss in more detail how often you should sweep your chimney and how to go about that. Our professional staff has years of experience in this matter and can provide you with a free quote on your chimney maintenance and advice on the frequency of your chimney sweep so that you can have some peace of mind that no harm will come to your property or yourself because of your chimney.

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