Average Paver Installation Cost in New York

Average Paver Installation Cost in New York

Paver installation in New York is a common construction process. Paver includes the final material lying on patios and other external platforms used as a relaxing or recreational space. As such, they can alter the look and feel of your home. The right material can elevate the external image of your property while an improper paver choice might bring the whole building look down. 

Therefore, it is important to pay the right amount of money and attention to pavers. But what is this cost? 

The cost of paver installation in New York can vary according to the specific location of the property  as well as the contractor working on the project. A less experienced contractor is likely to cost more but also finish the job faster and provide a better-finished look. 

The average cost of paver installation in New York, for a normal size patio of 280 square feet, can amount to anything from $2500 to $8000. In terms of price per square foot, pavers can cost from $6 to $25. This price changes based on materials. Very high-quality stone pavers can even amount to $50 per square foot

Paver installation explained

The process of paver installation includes a few steps. The most important one is to prepare the patio or build one if you do not have one already. Next, you need to clean it out and remove any excessive grass or soil. After that, you need to add the paver base and paver sand. Make sure to level the surface properly so that it becomes easier to place the stones. 

After all the preparations are finished, it is time to place the paver stones or bricks. Make sure to cut them properly and follow the design. Start with the edges of the patio and add the paver edging. Next, move onto the other lines until you reach the middle of the surface. And voila, the job is done. 

If you are looking for paver installation in New York, feel free to contact us at Rh Renovation NYC. Our team of professional technicians and designers will be able to provide you with a free quote that can help you put things into perspective. In addition, we are happy to discuss any design ideas so that you can make your vision of a perfect-looking home come to life. Enjoy good design, professionalism, and ingenious ideas from our talented team!

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