How to Improve Gutter Downspout Drainage

How to Improve Gutter Downspout Drainage

Problems with gutter downspouts result in dampness in your home, yellow stains on walls, and leaks. The penetration of water can cause major problems to the structure of your house and your foundations too. Therefore, it is extremely important that you conduct gutter downspout improvements when necessary.

To prevent water buildup both in your garden and your basement, we have compiled a list of steps and actions you can take on your gutter downspouts drainage system.

Add gutter guards

Make sure to install gutter guards on your gutters to prevent debris from accumulating there. In addition, these guards will also protect your downspout pipe and avoid frequent cleanings. Moreover, gutter guards prevent gutter freezing in the winter, which is another factor in drainage problems.

Add extensions to your downspouts

Downspout extensions will direct water away from the house and its foundations. In addition, they regulate the flow of water and keep your garden plants safe.

Conduct regular maintenance

Make sure to conduct regular checks on your gutters and clean any stones and leaves accumulated in them. Check your downspout pipe too and remove anything that might block its drainage.

Install corrugated drainage pipes underground

Underground corrugated drainage pipes are made of holes and covered in geotextile. They allow water to get in without the debris.

Improve the slope of your yard

Water flows according to the slopes of your yard. This is why improved slopes can help the entire gutter downspout drainage system to keep water away from your foundations.

Make sure that the slope goes downwards further away from the house. Also, check that the surface is flattened and there are no low points that can create pools of water on your lawn.

Add splash blocks and French drains to your downspout extremities

Splash blocks are items used at the bottom of the gutter system and protect your garden from damage because of water flows. They also prevent mold and fungus infestation.

In addition, French drains are used to redirect water away from your home and prevent large pools of rainwater from causing damage to your foundation.

Install rain barrels

Last but not least, install rain barrels to help you in your gutter downspout improvement quest. These barrels are placed underneath the drainage system and are used to collect rainwater. The rainwater is then poured onto the sewage pipes before it builds up around the foundation of your home.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on gutter downspout improvements.

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