How To Temporary Fix a Leaking Skylight

How To Temporary Fix a Leaking Skylight

Skylights are windows on your roof that can create a bright and charming atmosphere in your interior. In addition, they can increase the value of your property and add a nice touch to your roof. 

These beautiful architectural features however do come with issues of their own. The most common problem with skylights is leaks. Leaks can ruin your interior paint, your floors, furniture and even reach the structure of your roof and cause massive issues. The best course of action when you notice such damage is to temporarily fix the leaking skylight and call your local contractor to adjust the problem permanently. 

Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons. It might be a fault with the skylight, a crack in the frame, a broken seal, or bad insulation between the roof and the skylight itself. In some cases, the leak might actually be condensation that is too severe and ends up looking like a proper leak when the weather is too cold. Also, it might be a roof leak that manifests itself close to the skylight and tricks you into thinking that it is a skylight problem. Therefore, before starting the fixing process, make sure the leak is in fact a skylight leak and not something else entirely.

Once you have determined that the issue lies with the skylight, you can then start repairing the frame and fixing the problem. The easiest way to temporarily fix a leaking skylight is to use a sealant. 

Before getting ready to hit the store and buy sealant, start by removing any debris from the skylight. Wipe it clean and check for any visible gaps in the exterior part where the flashing is. This step will help you determine the source of the leak. Throw water slowly at every part of the skylight to find out for sure where it leaks. 

Once you find the gap, seal it with roofing cement. You can find it sold in a tube or can. Next, put silicone caulking to seal the leak and make sure to repair the metal flashing of the frame of the skylight. 

If you feel like this temporary fix for leaking skylight is out of your field of expertise, make sure to contact your local contractor in order not to deepen the problem and damage. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a free estimate on your skylight repair and we will guide you through the process and get your roof in its pristine condition so you can enjoy all the benefits of a skylight. 

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