Best Outside Stair Designs for Houses

Best Outside Stair Designs for Houses

Outside stairs for houses serve two main purposes. The first one is to facilitate the entrance to a different level of the home (or a patio, deck, veranda, or balcony) while the second one is to add a nice design element that can make your facade more attractive. 

On that note, here are some of the most interesting outside stair designs for houses and the materials used to make them popular and attractive architectural features.

The lightweight steel staircase for outdoors

One of the most popular design trends of the moment, regarding stairs and especially outdoor ones, is a lightweight structure in steel, followed by floating treads and a similar ultra-modern lightweight handrail. These types of staircases work really well on modern minimal facades with plenty of glazing and natural stone. They create a beautiful contrast between the facade materials and the staircase steel structure which is usually in white, black, or grey. 

The chunky bold outside stair design for houses

This type of staircase is usually made of concrete or stone and features a very heavy structure, usually with just a few steps and no handrail. It is extremely popular in traditional and rustic homes. In addition, you will find more of these chunky structures in dark colors that really make a statement and do not go unnoticed. 

The spiral staircase

Spiral outside stair designs for houses are usually a choice for narrow spaces that require beautiful and ingenious solutions. Most of these staircases are used to access a flat roof terrace rather than a patio or entrance to the home. They are placed right next to the external wall and in some cases are almost seamless. 

The floating staircase

Floating staircases are really attractive, especially on brutalist exteriors with a lot of concrete that defines the style and identity of the house. They are usually a great choice for young people and artists, but not the most ideal solution for senior citizens or families with kids. 

Wooden outside stairs for houses

Last but not least, the wooden outdoor staircases offer a timeless design that matches almost any architectural style. You can find wooden staircases with a classic look as well as contemporary designs. White wooden staircases are also perfect for a beach house. 

For more interesting outside stair designs for houses feel free to check out our portfolio at RH Renovation NYC or get in touch with us directly for an estimate on your personal staircase installation project. Our team of designers and technicians can help you select and build the most appropriate outdoor stair for your home. 

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