Importance of Roof Inspection for Insurance

Importance of Roof Inspection for Insurance

When did you last schedule a roof inspection for insurance?

Many insurance companies have made it compulsory. Basically, you are required to do a roof inspection to keep your monthly premiums low and maintain the same policy for your insurance as a homeowner.

Therefore, scheduling a roof inspection for insurance with your local contractor is a very good idea.

Most roof inspections are fast, they only take a few hours, and they do not cost much. In addition, they allow you to keep not only your premiums but also your stress levels low, because an inspection can guarantee that your roof is in good shape and you, and your family are safe while living on your property.

What is a roof inspection for insurance purposes?

A roof inspection, whether for insurance purposes or your own peace of mind, entails the same processes. It is a thorough assessment of your roof that aims to identify any damages or other issues that can affect the structural stability of your home, the performance of the roof especially when it comes to preventing leaks, its U-value, as well as the market value of the roof.

As a result, a proper inspection is more than just checking for missing shingles or indoor leaks.

A roof inspection for insurance also includes an assessment of the flashing, gutters, supporting structures, seams, chimneys, valleys, skylights, decking, ventilation, and of course the roofing material.

Checking for mold, leaks, or rust is included in the assessment.

Routine roof inspections should be scheduled annually or as frequently as the manufacturer of the roof suggests.

Why schedule a roof inspection for insurance purposes

A roof inspection for insurance can be required by the insurance company itself, in which case you don’t really have an option on whether to conduct the inspection or not. In addition, it can also be something that you ask for yourself in order to prevent the insurance company from denying any claims that you make regarding the repairing of your roof.

There are many benefits in conducting a roof inspection from keeping your premiums low, to preserving the quality of your roof, keeping low maintenance costs, preventing your warranty from being voided, keeping your roof efficient in terms of energy consumption, and last but not least, catching any issues in time so the costs of repairs are low.

Order your next roof inspection at RH Renovation NYC and get a cost estimate for free on this process today!

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