Most Important Exterior Parts of a Chimney to Inspect

Most Important Exterior Parts of a Chimney to Inspect

A chimney is composed of many parts that altogether make your fireplace work efficiently and become one of the most appealing parts of the interior of your home. The exterior of a chimney however is quite complex and it also includes elements that make it attractive and give a certain vibe to the style of your house.

The exterior parts of a chimney must be inspected frequently since they are in contact with the outdoors and as a result, many natural conditions can damage them such as rain, snow, storms, or even animals.

Here are the most important exterior parts of a chimney that you need to inspect at least once a year.

The bricks. Most chimneys are made of bricks that also constitute the foundation of the chimney. They are responsible for its safety and efficiency. If the bricks are damaged, you can get moisture as well as dangerous smoke inside your fireplace.

The flue and liner. These two elements are positioned vertically and allow combustion materials to exit your house. In addition, they confine the smoke and fire to the inner structure of the chimney preventing pollution from infiltrating the inside of your home. Most liners are made of clay tiles because they are resistant and affordable. If a liner or flue is cracked it should be replaced immediately.

The cap. The chimney cap goes on the very top of the chimney and it is used to prevent things from falling into the chimney and reaching your fireplace. These could be animals, debris, rain, snow, and sleet. In addition, the chimney cap also prevents fires sprouting on the roof as it is made of wire mesh.

The chase covers. These are prefabricated elements that come with the chimney when it is made. They cover the open area of the chimney and it can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and galvanized steel.

Other important exterior parts of a chimney include, the flashing, the fireplace damper, the chimney crown, chimney flashing, smoke chamber and fireplace components. All these elements need to be inspected at least annually to ensure that the chimney is functional and that there are no risks of fire present.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a professional chimney inspection. Our team is happy to walk you through the process and provide a cost estimate for free before the inspection starts. 

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