Metal Shingle Roof: Pros and Cons

Metal Shingle Roof: Pros and Cons

A metal shingle roof is attractive and durable but is it really the right roof type for you and your home?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this roofing material to determine whether it can be the perfect choice for your property or not.

Pros of metal shingle roofs

First of all-metal shingle roofs are low maintenance and will probably cost much less in repairs than other types of roofs.

These roofs are some of the most durable ones which means that you can benefit from a pristine look for years to come. Obviously, they do require the right maintenance to preserve their attraction.

In addition, a metal shingle roof can withstand weather conditions better than other roofing systems. So, if you live in an area with very strong winds this is the right option for you.

Metal roofs are coated with a rustproof material so they can withstand rain and snow too without cracking or corroding.

Next, metal roofs are made of recycled materials and are considered environmentally friendly, unlike other shingles that are made of petroleum. Also, they can be recycled and used even after removal from the roof.

One of the best advantages of metal roofs however is their energy efficiency. These roofs have reflective properties and can lower your energy bills considerably.

And last but not least, metal shingle roofs are stylish and futuristic. They have a timeless appeal that can make your home or commercial structure more attractive. You can choose between steel, copper, aluminum, or zinc. You can also pick the finish you like to make your property more attractive.

Cons of metal shingle roofs

Just like everything in life, metal shingle roofs do have some disadvantages. First of all, they cost more than traditional shingles. Next, these roofs can be loud especially if you live in an area with a lot of rain or storms. You can install more insulation to make the roof less noisy however this will increase the initial cost of installation.

In addition, metal roofs can be dented quite easily and might need more repairs if that happens.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC if you are looking to replace your existing roof with a metal one or if you want to install a metal roof from scratch. We can provide you with a cost estimate for free and guide you through the process step by step until your new roof is in place and your home or commercial property is ready to be used again.

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