Most Common Roof Types: Which to Choose

Most Common Roof Types: Which to Choose

The roof is the top layer of your property. Its main purpose is to shelter you and everything you own from rain, snow, sun, and every other weather condition. Apart from this, a roof also determines the style of a house. It is one of the main architectural features of a building. Two of the most common roof types are flat roofs and pitched roofs.

A flat roof, as the name itself suggests is a horizontal surface that goes on the top of the property. It is properly insulated and includes very small slopes that reach up to 1% to drain water into ducts and pipes. These roofs are perfect for moderately hot climates. They offer ample space to create an outdoor living room on the terrace or whatever other space you envision. It allows you to have an entertainment space and increase the floor area of your property.

A flat roof however is not very appropriate for cold climates that experience a lot of rain or snow as the water accumulates on the horizontal surface causing problems.

Pitched roofs come in a variety of materials. The most common roof types are asphalt shingles, metal roofs, ceramic tiles, slate shingles, and wood or cedar shake shingles.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular ones at the moment, followed by metal roofs and ceramic tiles.

Each material comes with a different color and look. In addition, the price of asphalt shingles is different from metal roofs and so on. So, choosing the best roof type for your home comes down to three parameters: durability, cost, and looks.

Therefore, before choosing a roof type for your property, start by deciding whether you want a flat roof or a pitched one. Talk to your architect and your local contractors to get their insight too.

If you decide to go for a pitched roof, check the technical details of each material to see which one is better for your home, its location, and your budget. Next, pick the color and shape you feel more attracted to and contact your local contractors on how to jumpstart the project.

For more information, call us at RH Renovation NYC. Our contractors have years of experiments dealing with the most common roof types and their construction. Our team can provide you with a cost estimate for free and walk you through the process of how your home will be transformed. Last but not least, our designers will help you pick the best color and material for your home.

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