Modern Front Yard Patio Design Ideas

Modern Front Yard Patio Design Ideas

Modern front yard patio designs are quite captivating and can completely alter the first perception of your home. The front yard patio in fact works as a threshold between the street and the facade of the house. As such, it can uplift the exterior of your property and make it more prominent. 

Therefore we definitely recommend having a modern front yard patio. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also for comfort and entertainment. Spending time on a front yard patio is as enjoyable as being outside in a park but with the amenities of your home. 

But what kind of modern front yard patio can you build? Here are some design ideas you can choose from. 

Minimalistic and open

One of the most common modern front yard patios of 2021 is a minimalistic and open design where the patio is covered in large polished concrete tiles. You have no pergola or cover to the patio and the sleek black steel furniture is displayed as modern rustic pieces of art on the open space. 

This design allows for easy accessibility. It is also very easy to build as all you need is a good patio cover (no handrail or steps are involved in this concept). 

Covered patio

If you have privacy concerns, you can try a covered patio design. Mix grey stones with black steel frames and cherry wood to get a timeless look for your modern front yard patio. 

Natural design

This design makes the most out of the natural elements of its location. It uses the terraces as well as the grass and stone to be closer to nature and allow you to feel the outdoors to the fullest. You can even integrate softer fabrics and seating pads in the terraces to expand the patio throughout the entire front yard. 

Check out which modern front yard patio design idea can actually work best within your property and feel free to contact us at Rh Renovation NYC for a free quote. You can let us know about your vision and our team will walk you through every step necessary to turn it into reality. We can help you choose materials, pavers, concrete pavements, and walkways and even redo small portions of the facade to make the entire outdoor space feel interchangeably connected to your home. 

Find more cool ideas on how to upgrade your property at RH Renovation NYC, the best contractors in New York. 

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