Most Common Causes for Roof Leaks

Most Common Causes for Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are important issues that should not be neglected. They can allow water to infiltrate the structure of the property and even reach the foundations. In addition, they can cost a lot of money and time to repair.

The first sign of a roof leak is a discolored patch on the ceiling which quickly becomes a yellow stain, a spot of black mold, or even a drip that spreads throughout the house.

While prevention is the best cure for a roof leak, sometimes that fails. In that case, you need to diagnose a roof leak as soon as possible so that you can fix it before it becomes too expensive.

Here are the most common roof leak causes.

The most common roof leak cause is having a very old roof where all the layers are aged and damaged. These roofs can become very dangerous in cold and wet weather because the leaks can also cause strain on the structure and make it collapse.

The second cause of a roof leak is problems with the flashing. A damaged flashing means the roof is not well protected from water. Flashings go throughout the joints of the roof and when it cracks can become the point where water penetrates. The flashing also goes along the skylights or other openings in the roof like the chimney. Therefore if not installed correctly or when it gets damaged, the first signs of a leak are along these parts.

Another reason for a leak is a broken roof tile. Whether it is slate or another roofing material, when it breaks so does the primary water barrier of the roof. Damaged roof tiles are particularly dangerous during heavy rains or snow. They can not only cause water leaks but also moisture and mold throughout the roof and the ceiling on your top floor. This in turn can damage the structure of the roof and cause the eaves to rot.

The same negative effect also happens when the roof membrane and the underlay get damaged.

Last but not least, using the wrong roofing material for the pitch of your roof can allow water to get under the tiles and penetrate all the layers.

Make sure you keep an eye on your roof by conducting routine inspections so that you can fix a leak before it causes extended damage to the structure of your property.

At RH Renovation NYC we are experts in roof maintenance and roof leak causes. We can offer you preventive advice and also conduct an inspection on-site so you know what the right course of action is if you notice any leaks. Contact us online and one of our experienced contractors will reply as soon as possible to discuss your issue.

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