How Do You Know if Your Chimney Needs Repointing

How Do You Know if Your Chimney Needs Repointing

Chimney repointing is a service that helps you maintain your chimney without fully replacing it. This service is more appropriate if your chimney is showing signs of deterioration such as mortar issues.

Chimney repointing services allow the bricks to remain in place if they are still good. These chimney services include replacing the mortar by grinding it and filling the gaps with new material.

This process prevents leaks and most importantly helps you maintain the quality of your chimney and postpone a full rebuild of the exterior chimney surface.

Here is how you can tell if your chimney needs repointing.

The first sign that you need a chimney repointing is a crack. Cracks are very tedious because they allow water to enter the structure of your chimney and cause leaks which in turn cause mold and mildew.

Other issues showing that you need to call your local chimney reporting services are discoloration in the mortar as well as flaking mortar. These are both clear signs that the mortar is damaged and needs to be replaced. Although, make sure the quality of the brick is still intact because if the brick is also damaged you might need a full chimney rebuild rather than a simple repointing.

Another sign that you need a chimney repointing is a rusty firebox. This shows that moisture has already penetrated the exterior of the chimney and therefore there are issues with the mortar. The same can be said for a damaged wallpaper that is discolored or stained because of leaks.

Other ways you can determine if you need a chimney repointing are inspections from the outside. If you have a roof maintenance scheduled, it is a good idea to have a quick look at the exterior of the chimney too.

If you are new to the whole DIY inspection field, call your local contractors to schedule an inspection if you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC in the Bronx, Westchester, and other adjacent areas. Our local teams can come on-site and inspect your chimney to determine whether you need a chimney repointing or a full renovation. Our contractors have years of experience and can easily advise you on the right course of action. In addition, our company can provide you with a cost estimate for free before the beginning of the project so you can allocate your budget accordingly and maintain the structure of your property intact at all times.

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