Which are the Best Downspout Extensions

Which are the Best Downspout Extensions

The best downspout extensions have one job: protect your home from water. These are pipes designed to collect rainwater and drain it away from the house and its foundations. This way, the structure of your property has a better chance of surviving longer and without any water damage.

These extensions are easy to install. You can even make it a DIY project although getting help from a professional contractor will always guarantee a better job.

Whichever the case, make sure to place the extension a minimum of 4 feet away from the downspout. For some houses where the landscaping is more delicate, you might need to go further. This is just an estimate that can change depending on the surrounding area of your property.

That being said, here are some of the best downspout extensions for your home.

The most popular one is the aluminum extension. This is one of the best downspout extensions as it does not cost much, it is very easy to install, and most importantly it is durable and easy to maintain. Aluminum extensions are definitely not perfect. Their design is somewhat rigid and does not offer much flexibility in water direction, however it still remains one of the easiest downspout extensions available.

The buried drainpipe on the other hand is a bit more complex to install but it does offer better results in terms of keeping water away from the structure of your property. Installing this type of extension requires calculating the slope correctly and digging a trench.

The StealthFlow is a seamless downspout extension that has almost the same advantages as aluminum ones. This downspout is made of plastic and can easily be hidden under rocks or mulch.

You can also go for a different typology such as the decorative splash blocks. They basically do the same thing as downspout extensions by dispersing water that flows from the downspout. Installing them however requires a bit of expertise so it is better to call your local contractor for this type of downspout extension installation. 

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on the best downspout extensions and how to install them at your home. Our team of expert contractors can come on-site and walk you through the process while also providing a cost estimate for free. Our designers can also advise you on the best style or material that will make your facade look complete.

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