New Roof Ideas, Styles, and Designs

New Roof Ideas, Styles, and Designs

The roof is not just an element that protects the entirety of your home but also a very important architectural feature that can be used to spruce up your exterior and give your home a new look. So here are some new roof styles that you can try if you are looking to renovate your roof.

The simple double-pitched roof

The simple double-pitched roof is not exactly a new roof style until you use materials in a new way. You can combine washout gray wood with a black metal roof to create a contemporary barn style that will get your house more recognition.

The Frank Lloyd Wright flat roofs

These types of roofs are inspired by the master of modern architecture and the prairie style: Frank Lloyd Wright. They offer a multitude of levels and a very pleasing aesthetic composition that will give your facade depth but also protection. As the roofs project outside the facade line they offer shelter and protection against splatters, rainwater, and even sun.

The single-pitched roof

If you want to give your home a fresh new look, go for a single-pitched roof. This is a bold move as it will greatly impact your internal spaces but if designed properly it can also help your energy bills. You can get your new pitched roof to face south and layer it with solar panels to help produce energy and hot water for your property. This is especially advantageous in areas with very hot climates.

The A-frame

The A frame is a perfect roof style in areas that experience a lot of snow. This is also a roof idea for small homes as the total volume of the house is diminished once you add an A-frame roof. But if you experience a lot of heavy snow in the winter, this type of roof allows the snow to slide into the ground without putting much strain and load onto the structure of the house.

The flat roof

A flat roof is always a modern and contemporary solution for a building. It goes particularly well for new constructions and it is especially outstanding when it becomes one with the rest of the structure of the house.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC if you are looking for more roof ideas and styles and for professional help in renovating your roof.

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