Modern Outdoor Deck Renovation Ideas

Modern Outdoor Deck Renovation Ideas

Are you looking for modern outdoor deck renovation ideas? Well, you’re just in luck because here are 5 of our best picks for 2022:

Mood lighting modern deck

Nothing screams modern more than some ambient hidden LED lights that can really boost the atmosphere of your outdoor deck. These lights can guide you through a passageway or brighten up the whole perimeter of the deck and offer better visibility at night.

Nature enveloping deck renovation ideas

Get inspired with this incredible deck renovation idea: going in deeper into nature. You can pick whatever feature in your garden and construct a deck around it like in the image above. You can also use different levels and steps to follow the natural slope of the land and be closer to nature in a very modern and beautifully designed architectural feature.

The simple and open deck

Here is a simple and great deck renovation idea: remove all railing and any other elements from your deck to achieve a modern and simple look. You can invest in a good composite deck or natural wood such as Teak, and put a noticeable stain on top to make your deck pop. The absence of a railing will make the deck look bigger and much more connected to your outdoors.

The theater deck

If you have the space for it, why not opt for multiple decks in different levels where each one can have a function? The top level closer to the house can be the outdoor dining space while the next levels can become gathering spaces in the form of an open theater. You can even put a screen and convert this area into an open cinema and have great outdoor parties for all your friends and family.

The double deck renovation idea

If you want to spruce up your backyard opt for two decks instead of one. They can be connected through a small staircase and serve as two separate functions such as the outdoor living room and dining room. Material-wise, a grey-toned wood is quite popular right now. Combined with a sleek black railing, this look will make your house feel years younger than it is.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more deck renovation ideas and a free cost estimate of your favorite look.

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