Flat Roof Replacement Costs from RH Renovation

Flat Roof Replacement Costs from RH Renovation

A flat roof replacement is usually necessary every 20 years. So, if you have been living in your home for that long, or even if you bought a new home where the roof has not been fixed for that amount of time, chances are you need to get your hands dirty and do some work.

It is important to know a flat roof replacement cost before you get yourself into a project that you cannot afford to complete. Especially if said project regards the roof, it is essential that you see it to an end in the shortest time possible because you do not want your home to be exposed to natural conditions such as rain or snow.

Luckily, flat roofs are fairly easy to repair and replace thanks to their geometry as well as their popularity. A flat roof is very in demand at the moment which has made contractors become experts thanks to their continuous expertise.

The cost of its replacement however is not a fixed one. It changes not only from year to year but also from state to state. Usually, this cost is dependent on a few factors such as the labor cost in the area where the property is located, the material that the existing flat roof is composed of as well as the new material that will be used on the new structure, the number of stories or the height of the flat roof and the climate of the area where the flat roof is located.

Therefore, flat roof replacement costs vary from 4 to 30 dollars per square foot. The price includes materials and labor. Labor by itself can cost between 5 and 9 dollars per square foot.

In general, commercial roofs are less expensive than residential ones and usually cost from 4 to 10 dollars per square foot. Since these roofs are larger than residential ones, their overall cost can go up to 100.000 dollars. This cost also includes vents, underlying items, and drains.

For more information on flat roof installation costs in NYC call us at RH Renovation NYC. Our team can provide you with a cost estimate for free and walk you through the process step by step. We can also offer you ideas, material choices, and other solutions so that your new flat roof looks amazing on your existing structure. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your new flat roof installed!

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