Top 5 Front Yard Paver Ideas

Top 5 Front Yard Paver Ideas

Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home and increase its price? There is one simple option you can do which will make your house look more contemporary without having to spend a huge chunk of money or battling contractors for days after days: front yard paver ideas

Here are the top 5 front yard paver ideas of 2021 for you to get some inspiration.  

Concrete interlocking pavers

Let’s start with some concrete interlocking pavers. This design and construction method is timeless. It goes well with colonial homes, traditional ones, or even some contemporary facades when integrated into the design. 

These pavers are easy to clean and very durable. They will last for ages and most importantly, you do not need to clean them often. They look good even with small amounts of dirt on them. In fact, it just adds character and charm to the whole ensemble. 

Herringbone pavers path

The herringbone pavers design is a very popular one in classic homes. You can create a pathway from the street to your front yard and enjoy a dry and durable walkway to your front door. 

Rustic stone pavers

If you have a rustic home or chalet then try the rustic stone pavers for your home. This front yard paver idea is just perfect for ranch-style homes with a little Southwestern charm. 

Colorful stone pavers

Next in our list of best front yard paver ideas are the colorful stone pavers for warm and inviting homes. These pavers use natural colors to include a bit of boldness and warmth to your front yard. They make the walkway to your front door more prominent and definitely more inviting. 

You can ask our team at RH Renovation NYC for more information on front yard paver ideas. Our designers can suggest the best look for your home and our technicians will make your vision come to life. We are happy to provide a cost estimate for free before the start of the project so you know what budget to allocate to this project. 

Our expertise lies in both residential and commercial constructions and we have a vast experience in outdoor works such as pavers, patios, decks, around the house concrete walkways, and more. Contact us to discuss your renovation project in more detail and we’re happy to take your home to another level! 

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