What are Sure Flow Gutter Guards

What are Sure Flow Gutter Guards

Sure Flow gutter guards are also known as Shur Flo panels and can fit directly into the gutter, not under the roof shingles. They come in three main designs:

  • Shur Flo Flat
  • Shur Flo X
  • Shur Flo Step down.

The first one is the traditional model which is versatile and easy to use on most gutters.

The second one is used for increased ventilation.

The third one is used for gutters installed with quick screws and hangers.

These gutter guards are quite seamless. They are almost invisible from the ground and are available in black, white, and mill finish. In addition, the screws used to fasten them in place are of the same matching colors and are inserted in the front lip and back of the gutter to ensure proper installation.

Sure Flow gutter guards are made of rust free aluminum and come in the size you require. To get the perfect dimension, make sure to measure the back and front of the guard.

Why use Sure Flow gutter guards

Sure Flow gutter guards are a simple and economical long lasting solution for your gutters. They offer protection to keep your gutters unclogged and allow water to move freely through them and down the downspouts.

These gutter guards can prevent debris such as twigs, leaves, and pine needles from falling in. They have a patented perforated filtration system that allows rainwater to drain through the roof as the guard keeps all debris on its surface until it falls onto the ground.

In addition, they allow air to circulate freely which moves any debris stick on the surface.

Cleaning and maintenance of Sure Flow gutter guards are quite easy as well.

Sure Flow configurations

Sure flow gutter guards come in the following configuration:

K-Style Gutter sizes: 5” and 6” come in  Mill Finish, Black, and White.

They are produced by US Aluminum and weigh about 26 pounds for a product measuring 48 x 5 x 6 inches.

Get in touch with our team at RH Renovation NYC to get Sure Flow gutter guards installed on your gutters. Our team is fast, reliable, and professional. We can install the gutter guards on your roof without causing any messes around your house. Being quick, tidy and efficient is our main focus at all times. Last but not least, we can provide you with a cost estimate for free before the project even starts.

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