Some Advantages of Vertical Exterior Siding

Some Advantages of Vertical Exterior Siding

Vertical exterior siding is also known as board and batten siding. It is a contemporary design element used to add charm and richness to a small facade. It highlights the architectural features of your home and makes it stand out in your neighborhood.

If you love the look of vertical exterior siding, here are some more reasons why you should definitely give your home a new style through those elements.

Why use vertical exterior siding

Vertical exterior siding is very contemporary and can be seen in modern homes. It adds appeal to the facade of your home and can become an accent or even the main cladding of the elevation. 

In addition, vertical exterior cladding has some major advantages over other styles.

First of all, vertical exterior cladding can make a house seem taller. This illusion of height comes as a result of the parallel positioning of the boards and battens which makes the eyes trail over their entire length.

If this is a look that appeals to you, you can enhance it further by trimming out the siding, the doors, and the windows in a contrasting color. You can experiment with different palettes to achieve a stunning facade, full of depth and rich vibes.

Another very popular usage of vertical siding is in the lower part of a house or to highlight architectural features. You can use it to frame the windows or the entryway.

Whether you use neutral tones or bold colors, the shape and texture of the siding will manage to become a focal point for your facade.

One of the main benefits of vertical exterior siding is its ease of cleaning. Water just flows through the vertical gaps and does not get stuck in between the boards. This also helps prevent mold and mildew from being created on the boards. It also minimizes stains and leaves your facade crispy and clean.

Where to get vertical exterior siding

Are you looking to spruce up the facade of your home with vertical exterior siding? Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for any home renovation projects you have in mind in the area of New York. Our team can come on-site and walk through various solutions with you. We can also provide you with a cost estimate for free before the project even starts and give you a timeline of the construction works.

Call us today and get a quote!

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