What Happens if Your Chimney Cap Falls Off

What Happens if Your Chimney Cap Falls Off

The chimney cap is a part of your chimney that goes over the very top of the structure and has a number of functions, the main being protecting the interior of the chimney. If a chimney cap falls off, then many issues will start to arise.

But before we dive into the problems of a chimney cap let’s first define what this element is.

A chimney cap is a covering that goes on top of the chimney and it is made of steel or copper. It is also covered in mesh to prevent insects and other animals from penetrating your chimney. This element comes in different colors and designs in order to match the exterior look of your home.

The chimney cap is very important to the integrity of your chimney and your home.

First of all, you need to make sure your chimney cap is in good condition during the summer because if it falls off, you will not notice it as you do not use the fireplace at all during those months, and therefore, your chimney will be exposed.

The chimney cap keeps your chimney clean and in good shape during the warm months of the year. It prevents dirt buildup on the walls and even insects, birds, or other animals from taking shelter in the chimney and building their nests there. In addition, a chimney cap will also keep rain out of your fireplace and prevent moisture in your home.

Next, the chimney cap is important when you use the fireplace too because it protects any lost animals from falling into the fire, but it also protects the interior walls of the chimney from natural conditions and debris build-up.

The chimney cap has two main functions, the first is to keep things out and the second one is to keep smoke, heat, and other products of fire in and delegate them to the appropriate channel to go outside.

So, if your chimney cap falls off your fireplace is exposed. You can get unwanted things inside your home and damage your roof due to excess heat and smoke.

If you have a chimney but your chimney cap has fallen off, make sure to contact your local contractors as soon as possible and stop using the fireplace until the new structure is put in place. Call us at RH Renovation NYC for more information about chimney renovations and repairs and enjoy the security of your home from its foundations to the very top of the chimney cap.

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