What is Best to Put Around a House Foundation

What is Best to Put Around a House Foundation

A house foundation needs protection from erosion and water. You can achieve this by putting the right elements around it. Adding proper landscaping will not only make your house and curb more appealing but it will also increase the durability and stability of the structure of your home.

So, what is best to put around a house foundation?

The most appropriate elements to put around a house are plants, grass, mulch, and flower beds. All of the above will absorb water and protect your foundation from erosion.

Follow these tips and you will have beautiful surroundings around your home as well as a properly landscaped design that will keep your house foundation safe.

Start by adding a flower bed around the house. Leave about 20 cm between the walls and the flower bed and cover it in pebbles or small stones to keep water away from the walls. Make a small slope that starts from the walls and goes down further away from the house so that all water is drained away from the foundation. In addition, add mulch accordingly. The mulch will direct water away from the foundation while also providing a surface full of nutrients for plants to grow.

Add a carefully designed gutter system that will redirect rainwater away from the facade and from the foundation. Insert downspouts and downspouts extensions to redirect water to designated potholes and drains. Also, make sure to inspect and maintain the entire drainage system so that nothing is clogged or blocked.

Next, water the soil around your foundation evenly so that all sides of the house get the same amount of water and the same amount of pressure from the soil.

Fill in any puddles so that water does not accumulate in your yard.

Last but not least, if you want to plant trees in your yard, make sure they are far away from the walls of the house and the foundation. Big trees have large and intruding roots that can interfere with the foundations of the house. Make sure you know the correct species of trees and how their roots grow before planting them in your garden.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more information on how to keep your house foundations safe. We have years of experience dealing with home renovation projects and everything related to repairs, installations and maintenance. We can provide you with a cost estimate for free before the project starts and walk you through the process.

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