What is the Best Type of Exterior Wall

What is the Best Type of Exterior Wall

Exterior walls should not only be durable and protect your home but also have an appealing look. With these main features in mind, our pick as the best type of exterior wall is brick.

So why do we love brick so much at RH Renovation NYC? Here are some of our reasons.

First of all, brick is a very appealing material. It comes in different colors and has a timeless look. Its shape and texture can elevate the design of the facade of a house and also add some color to the neighborhood.

In addition, brick can withstand harsh weather and also provide fire protection, in some cases much better than other exterior wall materials. Maintaining a brick wall is easy and requires little effort. And let’s not forget that brick is simple and quick to install. It can be used to create a variety of designs and give your home character.

Other types of exterior walls

Brick walls are not the only type of exterior wall you can use for your house. The choices nowadays are infinite. But some materials are better than others. Here are some more picks from us at RH Renovation NYC if brick is not the right one for you.


Similar to brick, stone walls are also durable and maintenance-free. Stone is a natural material that shows elegance and concern for the environment. It is however quite pricey. If you have your heart set on stone but you cannot seem to make the budget for it, you can opt for synthetic stone. Synthetic stone is made of sand, cement, and aggregate, all put into a mold that ends up mimicking real stone. It is typically used to cover some accent walls rather than a whole exterior facade.


Vinyl walls are cheaper than brick or stone and quite versatile too. They are easy to install and can significantly reduce labor costs. These walls however require constant maintenance as they are vulnerable to weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, or storms.


Wood is a natural material that looks very nice when used on an exterior facade. It does require however great maintenance over time, as the color might fade because of the sun or rain. In addition, it is not as resistant to fire as stone, brick, or vinyl. And last but not least, wooden exterior walls are prone to termites.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for more insight on the best type of exterior wall for your home.

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