What is the Difference Between a Chimney Cap and Shroud

What is the Difference Between a Chimney Cap and Shroud

Both chimney shrouds and chimney caps are used to protect the flue of the chimney from intruders, small animals and other debris falling in and blocking it.

The main difference between a chimney cap and a shroud is its appearance.

A chimney shroud is made of metal and looks like a rain pan. Sometimes it can be put over a chimney cap just for purely decorative reasons. A chimney cap on the other hand can be made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or even concrete.

All chimneys, however, need a chimney cap, whether it is a chimney shroud or not. The chimney cap is a structure that goes over the chimney like a lid with sides open. It allows smoke to come out of the fireplace while it prevents things from falling into the flue. In chimneys without a cap, small animals and birds are attracted to the flue as it is warm and protected, and they make it their new home. When this happens, your chimney gets blocked and the smoke can no longer exit the house. It remains trapped in the flue and enters your rooms, resulting in smoke inhalation dangers or even house fires.

Why invest in a chimney shroud

A chimney shroud is a nice feature to add to the exterior chimney. This chimney appendix is made of metal and has a peculiar shape that allows rain to slide on the sides and onto the roof. It can be a copper color, shiny grey steel or painted in black for a more modern look.

The chimney shroud can make the chimney look complete but also add some more layers of materials onto the exterior part of your home.

Most importantly, however, a chimney shroud adds extra protection to your chimney. The chimney itself is used to protect the interior of your home from smoke and fire hazards, therefore adding extra protection to the chimney is always appreciated.

All chimney shrouds should be inspected accordingly to prevent house fires. In addition, they should be put in place by experts in order to avoid improper installation that might cause fires and other issues. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a proper chimney shroud installation or any other home improvement project you are thinking about. Our team is composed of talented technicians and designers that can provide the best solution for your home.

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