Will Gravel Around House Help Drainage

Will Gravel Around House Help Drainage

Gravel is a material used largely in the construction business. It is not only important in the initial phases of a new build, but it also plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the structure when the building is erect. In addition, gravel is also used by gardeners and landscapers to keep your plants watered correctly and your garden in shape. It is used for both water barrier purposes as well as aesthetic ones.

One of the most interesting and compelling facts about gravel is its versatility when it comes to design. As a small material, it can be shaped as anything you like and poured into any spot available. In addition, it comes in different colors to match the style of your design.

Most importantly, gravel is quite inexpensive compared to other materials, and as such, it is always the first choice for quick-fixed and cheap solutions. It is also easy to lay down as it does not require any installation and requires little to no maintenance at all.

In terms of house drainage, gravel does help a lot, but not only.

Here are some of the main advantages of having gravel around the house.

Pros of having gravel around the house

Gravel around the house prevents weeds and other shrubs from growing right next to the structure and foundation of your home. In addition, it prevents soil mounds from infiltrating the building. Preventing weeds from growing will keep your house free from insects and mold and will also make it look much tidier.

Gravel also stops the accumulation of unwanted water and helps drain rainwater away from plants. This in turn allows plants to grow naturally without drowning in the winter.

Gravel is a much better alternative to mulch as it does not allow termites and other pests to thrive.

A gravel bed also prevents puddles from being created in your yard and keeps your garden and your home clean from mud.

While gravel does help a lot with house drainage, it is important to work with the slopes of your garden to push water away from the foundation and create a natural irrigation system.

If the slopes are not going in the right direction but are instead accumulating water toward the foundation of your home, do not use gravel. Gravel will act like a dam preventing water from leaving the area.

All in all, gravel is a good and inexpensive material choice to help you keep your house clean and water free. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for any questions you may have relating to house drainage systems.

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