5 Common Outdoor House Patio Problems You Need to Watch out For

Patios are great extensions to your home. They are simple paved outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy some fresh air alone, with your family, or even with more people in a small gathering. They are usually built with pavers, whether brick or concrete. These structures, however, do show problems once in a while. Here are the most common outdoor house patio problems that you need to watch out for.

The first one is the growth of unwanted weeds. These weeds tend to appear in between cracks in the patio and they can grow bigger and bigger if not taken care of immediately. Their growth will allow more water to penetrate the crack and will also make the crack bigger over time.

The second most common problem when it comes to patios is mold. These structures are located outdoors so mold is not uncommon. You can easily remove it with a power washer, scrub it with detergent or use a stronger water and acid mixture to get rid of it.

The third issue with patios is fading of the color. Being under the sun and rain all the time will definitely have its toll on a patio. When you see that the color of the patio has been altered completely, you can hire a local contractor to give it a new stain, or you can choose to change the paving altogether and give your patio a makeover.

The next and most serious problem with patios is sinking. This usually happens when the ground is not strong enough or when your pavers are not layered properly. If you notice sinking pavers, call your contractors immediately before drainage problems start to appear.

Last but not least, your patio can show signs of wear and tear such as cracks and missing or broken pavers. You can pour concrete over the cracks but it might look like it has been fixed by an amateur. The best thing is to redo the top layer of your patio and give it a new vibe.

Make sure to conduct maintenance checks on your patio or just remember to check the stability of your patio whenever you are doing construction work on the house. This way you will not neglect it and you can repair any damages in time. Call us at RH Renovation NYC if you need any help doing repairs and maintenance to your patio.

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