Common House Problems that You Probably Didn’t Know About

Owning a house comes with a great deal of responsibility which is amplified when problems arise, and solutions are needed. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and know what these common house problems are. Here is our list of the five most common issues you can come across when owning a house.

Chimney problems

Chimneys are great vertical extensions that can increase the value of your property. However, they are quite prone to problems. If you have a chimney in your home you have to maintain it properly or you might come across leaking flues, tar build-up, structural damage, chimney fires, corroded steel liners, poor draw, and even dampness and moisture that starts staining your interior. All of the issues mentioned above can cause smoke and even fire hazards in your interior so it is important to be cautious with your chimney problems.

Roof problems

Some of the most common roof problems are leaks that cause yellow stains and mold inside the attic, skylight issues when not installed correctly, missing shingles, or even more serious structural issues. Roof problems can increase your electric bills as they also cause problems with your insulation.

Patio problems

One of the most common patio problems is issues with pavers, either broken missing or loose pavers. The other issues you can come across with your patio are cracks, weed growth in between the cracks, color fading, and sinking of the whole patio.

Gutter problems

Most gutter problems come up due to poor maintenance. You have to clean your gutter system correctly to keep the entire drainage system of your home functional. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC if you have problems with your gutters or if you need to install or repair your gutters.

Interior problems

A house can also present interior problems such as improper electrical wiring, poor plumbing systems that start to leak, issues with the mechanical heating and ventilation system, and even poor maintenance which causes just an overall deterioration in the paint, and other finishes inside the house.

Checking all of the above at least annually will help you keep track of damage and be proactive about the overall stability and health of your home. Contact us at RH Renovation NYC to discuss maintenance checks and how to take care of your house properly to increase its durability. Our team can help you assess the damage and conduct repairs on gutters, skylights, decks, patios, roofs, and more.

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