Does Your Chimney Need Repairs

Does Your Chimney Need Repairs

When the temperatures drop, it is time to start thinking about your chimney again. But how do you know if you can just light up a fire or if you need a chimney repair?

Luckily, chimneys do have some tells.

Chimney Leaks

If you notice leaks in your chimney it shows that something, somewhere along the structure has cracked and is allowing water inside, such as water from rain. Rainwater does in turn convert into unwanted moisture and ultimately mold, with black mold being the worst. You need to check for leaks before the damage gets too major.

Leaks also show that the insulation of your home is damaged and your electric bills will suffer.

Most leaks happen as a result of a cracked chimney crown. The chimney crown provides the first line of defense against moisture and rainwater. It usually gets damaged because of the high difference in temperatures in the winter and summer. A cracked chimney crown also leaves the brick exposed and creates more damage along the way.

Cracked mortar joints

Mortar is what holds the brick of the masonry together and in place. When it gets cracked, the brickwork starts to become unstable and dangerous for the structure of your home because of the weight. The main reason for a mortar joint crack is continuous exposure to ice and snow which leads to water saturation.

You can check for mortar cracks by stepping on the roof and visually examining the brickwork.

Damaged chimney liner

A damaged chimney liner is very dangerous as it can be the cause of a house fire. If you see chimney tiles accumulate in the fireplace then for sure you have a damaged chimney liner.

Broken bricks

Broken or crumbling bricks also affect the stability of your chimney. It is a very dangerous sign of damage that must be fixed as soon as you notice it.

If you notice any of these damages, contact us at RH Renovation NYC so we can conduct a full chimney inspection. Our services include chimney repairs, replacement of bricks, cleaning of the flute, and more. We can also help you in case you want to add a fireplace and therefore a chimney to your house. Let’s get in touch and work out the details as well as the most appropriate chimney design for your home. We can provide you with a cost estimate for free and walk you through the process.

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