Do we Need to Cover the Chimney Outside During Winter

Do we Need to Cover the Chimney Outside During Winter

Exterior chimney covers are very quite popular in the winter. The main reason for a winter chimney cover is to protect your flue from build-up snow and other debris that comes as a result of rains, wind, and storms. There is a big possibility for chimneys to get blocked because of animals falling in too. A blocked chimney however is very dangerous as it leads to carbon monoxide buildup.

Outside chimney covers such as chimney caps also protect the structure of the chimney because rain and snow can damage the brick and mortar over time.

You can create a quick chimney cap with a piece of foam and use it as an insulation plug. Place the foam in the bottom of the chimney.

Be careful however not to forget that there is a chimney cover in place as you cannot light a fire if the chimney is completely closed. The chimney cap blocks the flow of oxygen that is necessary for a healthy fireplace.

What is an exterior chimney cover?

An exterior chimney cover can be made of galvanized metal, steel, or copper mash. They come in different designs and are complete with a mesh ring that prevents rain and water from entering the flue.

What does an exterior chimney cover do?

An outside chimney cover has many advantages. First of all, it reduces moisture and is especially beneficial in areas with heavy storms. Reduced moisture also protects your mortar joints, dampers, and chimney liners.

Next, a chimney cap can prevent animals such as birds or bats from entering your home and getting stuck in your fireplace.

An exterior chimney cover is important in keeping the temperature in your home constant and reducing drafts in the winter.

Moreover, chimney caps prevent flues from getting blocked by debris.

Last but not least, a chimney cap can also stop sparks from flying out which is extremely important if you live in an area with many trees. Flying sparks can cause wildfires so preventing them is very important.

Make sure to conduct maintenance checks and inspect your chimney periodically to ensure its stability and functionality.

Contact us at RH Renovation NYC for a consultation regarding your chimney. Our team can come on-site and inform you about what type of chimney cap is more appropriate for you, what style, and even which material works better with your budget.

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