5 Awesome House Sidewalk Designs

5 Awesome House Sidewalk Designs

A nice house sidewalk design will never go unnoticed as it is the first thing someone steps on when coming to your home. In addition, it uplifts the whole look of the exterior of the house and can even bring some extra charm to your neighborhood. So here are our top 5 picks for awesome house sidewalk designs at RH Renovation NYC.

The interrupted sidewalk design

The interrupted sidewalk design is not just cool and easy to build but also timeless. It looks modern and clean and it will give your house a curated look showing that you definitely care about architecture and its impact on the environment. This design is easy to put together whether with simple and clean rectangular concrete tiles or with larger tiles composed of smaller ones. What’s important is that the tiles are separated from one another. You can use gravel to fill the gap within the tiles.

The charming brick house sidewalk design

Brick sidewalks are charming and classic. They can add color, warmth, and depth to the exterior of your home. These sidewalks can also be composed of different layouts where you can play with bricks and come up with any design that you like. Our favorite is definitely the herringbone layout.

The stone house sidewalk design

Stone is not just beautiful and timeless but also resistant and most importantly, so versatile. You can find polished or dark stone for a modern look but also rough pieces for a more classic or even medieval style. With stone, there is no limit when it comes to design and what you can do with it.

The wooden sidewalk

Yes, using wood as a material for your sidewalk is definitely possible and even a very aesthetically pleasing solution. Make sure to choose a strong wood like Teak that will withstand rain and dirt. In addition, try to get a hold of planks with a good thickness as they are more durable. Create a direct link between your sidewalk and home deck and you will instantly boost the design of your house.

The gravel house sidewalk design

Last but not least, you can use gravel to create a simple, quick, and cheap sidewalk for your home. This design works best in beachfront houses.

For more sidewalk ideas and information, contact us at RH Renovation NYC.

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