Should I Get Steel or Aluminum Gutters

Should I Get Steel or Aluminum Gutters

Both steel and aluminum gutters are made of metal and can be quite durable options. Durability is a great feature in gutters, especially in climates with strong changes such as heavy storms, rains, snow, or even sunlight. And this is a big advantage that steel and aluminum gutters have compared to PVC or plastic ones.

Steel gutters are good options if you are looking for a durable material that does not corrode easily. It is tough and can be used with a zinc coating to prevent it from getting rusty.

Aluminum on the other hand is more flexible, lightweight, and non-magnetic. It can also be easier to assemble and put in place by contractors. In addition, aluminum is also less expensive than steel gutters, especially galvanized steel. While prices vary based on the location, most aluminum gutters cost about 2 dollars per linear foot while steel gutters are about 3 dollars per linear foot. For an average US roof, you need about 140 linear feet of gutter which makes about 140 dollars difference.

Aluminum is also less expensive in terms of installation. Because this material is lightweight you can easily hold it in place which makes contractors ask for less money to complete the job.

Steel gutters require not only more effort to install but also more items and downspouts. This in turn increases the overall cost of materials plus labor. Steel gutters, however, require less maintenance and can have a lifespan of over two decades.

All in all, at RH Renovation NYC we recommend aluminum gutters as a more convenient solution not only cost-wise but also in terms of installation and maintenance. These gutters are easy to replace even in the event of cracks.

Call us at RH Renovation NYC to book an appointment and discuss the best gutter material for your home. Our designers can help you choose the best color and look for your gutters while our team of contractors can come on-site and access the needs of your roof right there. This way they can suggest the best gutter option for you that will save you money and energy. Last but not least, we will provide you with a cost estimate for free so you know how much your renovation project will cost.

So what are you waiting for? Improve the look of your facade and protect the integrity of your home with steel or aluminum gutters.

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