Which is Better Plastic or Aluminum Gutters

Which is Better Plastic or Aluminum Gutters

Gutters are a very important system that goes on the sides of your roof. They collect debris and water and redirect it into downspouts so that the water from rains can go onto a designated drainage system without causing harm to your facade, the structure of the house, or the foundations. This gutter system comes in a variety of materials. The most convenient ones in terms of cost and installation are plastic and aluminum gutters.

Features of aluminum gutters

Aluminum gutters are lightweight and easy to install. They are very common and can be installed by every contractor in a day or two. These gutters are made of a very thin sheet of metal and are durable, and sturdy. While they do not perform as well as steel gutters, they are however quite flexible and can withstand weather conditions for about 20 years. Their durability however is dependent on the location where the property is. In a tropical or coastal area, aluminum gutters are damaged more frequently and may also rust. The salt from the sea becomes problematic to those gutters. In addition, in cold climates that experience a lot of heavy rains, wind, snow, or ice, these gutters can crack even before the 20-year mark. Last but not least, aluminum gutters are some of the less expensive systems that you can use compared to steel gutters. They require little maintenance and can be a very good option for US homes.

Feature of plastic gutters

Plastic gutters are made of PVC, a durable material that does not rot or scratch. It maintains a good appearance for years, but it is a little time-consuming to install as it is composed of several pieces. These multiple pieces do not perform too well under heavy rains or snow as they get detached and the whole system fails. The major advantage of plastic gutters however is their durability in relation to cost. You can have these systems in place for a couple of decades with the right maintenance.

All in all, if you are looking for a more durable option, aluminum gutters are better. But if you want something that is cheaper and more appealing, plastic gutters are a better choice.

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